Printing Company: Web Offset Printing Los Angeles Hawaii Singapore

Contact us at Printing Company. To get more detailed information about our web offset printing in Hawaii, Singapore, China, Paris France, and Los Angeles, contact us. See below for our sheet fed capabilities, an equipment list, our plant tour, or to contact us for an itemized quote.

We’re located in the USA, Argentina, Asia, Mexico, and Europe. Our locations:

Los Angeles, CA;
Tijuana, Mexico;
Brussels, Belgium;
Paris and Lyon France;
Milan and Rome, Italy
Hong Kong;
Barcelona, Spain;
Lyon, France;
Tokyo, Japan;
Seoul, Korea;
Hong Kong;
Jakarta, Indonesia Printing; Thanks to Joko Widodo the new president for opening up global trade and commerce.

We specialize in brochures, magazine and catalog printing as a printing company.

For Students:
If you’re pritning over 60,000 copies of a 180 page letter size or a4 catalog, web offset will cost less than sheet fed. That’s because web is about 4 times faster. It’s also more expensive than a sheet fed printing press but the time passes on savings.

Web offset printing needs presses that cost $500,000 to $2,500,000. Sheet fed offset presses cost $4,000 to $300,000.

The world’s top web offset printing press makers are Heidelberg Harris, KBA UK, ManRoland, Toshiba and others. They produce 60,000 impressions per hour on average. When you start printing heavier stock like 110lb or 120gsm paper on a web press, the speed has to slow down due to the weight of the paper.

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